Character Co.

Cleaning Solutions

  • Randy’s Orange Label Citrus Cleaner 12 oz.

    Randy's Orange Label Citrus Cleaner is a new and innovative product to their line of Label Cleaners. It is their first All-Natural Citrus Cleaner. This Natural Citrus Degreaser is capable of cleaning Glass, Metal, Ceramic, Wood, and Acrylic. No need for all those extra chemicals…
  • Orange Chronic 16 oz.

    Introducing Orange Chronic 16 oz. cleaner. The new and improved super hero of bong cleaners. Orange Chronic is not just a bong cleaner, it's also anti-bacterial so you can sesh with confidence. Orange Chronic features: Immediate results No after taste or smell Easy to use…
  • Randy’s 10″ Long Soft Pipe Cleaner

    Randy's 10" Long Soft Pipe Cleaner is an essential tool for keeping all your accessories clean and in working order. Great for pipes, bongs, rigs, etc. 24 cleaners per pack.
  • Green Chronic 12 oz.

    Best Use: Plastics and Acrylics From the innovators who brought you Orange Chronic and Agent Orange, comes Green Chronic - the newest addition to the best line of cleaning solutions. This 12oz bottle of Green Chronic is the most effective and potent cleaning solution available…
  • Randy’s Black Label Pipe Cleaner 12 oz.

    Randy's Black Label Pipe Cleaner will have your piece looking good as new in no time. Just apply Black Label to any smoking utensil, let it soak, then shake, and you're done. Black Label is one of the go-to cleaners for Canadians, and a lot…
  • Purple Power 710 Solution 16 oz.

    Purple Power 710 Solution is the newest addition to the Purple Power brand. The 710 Solution is a special formula purposely designed for cleaning your dab gear. Oil, Shatter, and other cannabis concentrates are great, but they tend to leave a sticky mess. Purple Power…