About Us

Is a cannabis lifestyle brand created with the mature and sophisticated smoker in mind.  We believe that cannabis is an experience meant to be savored, and the accessories that pair with the lifestyle should elevate that experience to ‘higher’ levels. Cannabis is more than just a plant. It is a luxury gifted by nature.  Character Co. was formed to reflect that belief. 

Headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, Character Co. is an online cannabis dispensary dedicated to you, the cannabis connoisseur. We hope to enrich your smoke experience by combining a curated selection of cannabis, premium cannabis accessories, and a focus on creating a community of like-minded characters.

Cannabis Dispensary Store

Character Co. Ltd. is a Cannabis Dispensary Store

Customer Service Satisfaction

Character Co. Ltd. is committed to communication and customer satisfaction. 

Product Quality & Accessories

Character Co. Ltd. is dedicated to product quality assurance and offers product accessories.

Dedicated and focused on product quality, communication, service, and ensuring that you get the best smoke experience.

“Enriching the Smoke Experience”