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Welcome to Character Co.

Located in Tuxedo Village, Character Co. is a locally owned and operated cannabis dispensary dedicated to providing a comfortable and informative experience for our guests. We believe that cannabis is a gift meant to be enjoyed, and that experience starts as soon as you walk into our store. We hope our customers feel welcome and valued while taking the time to browse and learn. Our friendly staff will be pleased to help you select something just right for you from our curated menu of craft cannabis and quality accessories.

Character Co.

Who We Are

We began as an online accessories shop back in 2016. Being two women with a passion for cannabis, we noticed the lack of quality products available. Many items seemed like gimmicks or fads marketed to the stereotypical 'stoner', which soon became frustrating.

We decided to start our own store with a mission to provide only quality, innovative products that are both beautiful and utilitarian.

What we do

Cannabis Dispensary

and Accessories

We want to enrich your smoke experience from start to finish. To accomplish that, we focus on:

*Craft Cannabis: We curate a limited menu of cannabis and CBD products so you can feel good knowing everything available has been carefully selected for its quality.

*Premium Accessories: The items that pair with cannabis should compliment it. Nothing is worse than papers that don't stick, vapes that don't work, or cheaply made glass pieces that break easily. The accessories we carry have to serve dual purposes: beautiful and utilitarian, beautiful and well-priced, or utilitarian and well-priced. You get the idea.

*Community: Cannabis has always centered around community and visiting our store should feel no different. We hope you feel as warmly welcomed with us as you would visiting a good friend. That's what cannabis is really about.

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Character Co.

In-Store Video

Character Co. in-store video of some of our products and services that we offer. Click the play button and look at the video we put together for you to view and enjoy.