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Our Guests are amazing, so we like to show our appreciation by offering equally amazing deals and promotions. We try to keep it interesting with daily specials, weekly promos, randomly discounted items, and special events like "Game Day". Check back often so you don't miss out on discounts for your favourite items!


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Character Co. Cannabis Flower & Pre-Rolls

Stock Up Sunday

Absolutely insane prices on large formats of dried flower. Set yourself up for a stress free week with huge savings on 7g, 14g, and 28g of flower. Prefer the convenience of pre-rolls? Then check out the rock bottom prices on the pre-roll 10 packs. Stock up this Sunday and coast all week.

* Offer does not include previously discounted items.

* Offer valid online and in-store.


Character Co. Cannabis Edibles

Monday Munchies

BOGO 40% off on Monday's! Order your treats online on Monday's and pickup anytime. Promo applies to all cannabis edible goodies such as chocolates, gummies, baked goods, and beverages! If you've got a sweet tooth then this deal is for you.

* Offer does not include previously discounted items.

* Offer valid online only.


15% OFF

Character Co. Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrate Tuesdays

Save 15% on all cannabis concentrates each and every Tuesday! Discounts apply to all concentrates, including: 510 vape carts, wax, shatter, live resin, hash, and more! Offer valid online and in-store.

* Offer does not include previously discounted items.

* Offer valid in-store and online.

Winnipeg Cannabis Dispensary

20% OFF

Character Co. Cannabis CBD

Wellness Wednesday's

Wellness Wednesday is the perfect way to get over hump day. Save 20% on all CBD products to soothe those mid-week pains. Enjoy these savings in every category: pre-rolls, vape carts, edibles, oils, sprays, etc. No matter you rmethod of consumption, we have you covered.

* Offer does not include previously discounted items.

* Offer valid in-store and online.


Items on sale at Character Co.

Winnipeg Cannabis Dispensary

$11 OFF

Black Sugar Rose by Color Cannabis

Black Sugar Rose is the perfect strain for relaxing after work. These gorgeous buds deliver stress relief and total relaxation in one great package. The flavour is deep, with notes of pepper and spice and hits of tobacco. Due to the lower than average THC percentage, BSR is often overlooked and underrated, but don't sleep on this one. It's a knockout for a great value.

Regular Price: $35.00

Sale Price: $24.00

THC: 19.8%

Winnipeg Cannabis Dispensary

$10 OFF

Cold Creek Kush Kief by Vertical

A rarely seen cultivar, Peanut Butter MAC is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid that is described as taking a walk through a forest while enjoying a peanut butter sandwich. Earthy and nutty, with a rich herbal undertone.

Regular Price: $55.00

Sale Price: $49.50

THC: 21.58%


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