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OG Lime Killer Moon Rocks
by Dab Bods

49.9% THC

2 grams

What are moon rocks? If you haven't heard of these delectable cannabis buds dipped in hash oil and then rolled in kief, you're missing out. These OG Lime Killer Moon Rocks are literally out of this world, and a must try. The best way to consume moon rocks is with glassware such as a pipe or bong as moon rocks can be very sticky if trying to roll a joint.

Cannabis Dispensary Nightnight

Full Spectrum CBN+CBD Oil
by Night Night

10 mg/g CBN & 30 mg/g CBD

NightNight Full Spectrum CBN+CBD Oil is a new way to experience the synergistic effects of CBN and CBD in a familiar format. Formulated with pharmaceutical-grade MCT and terpenes, resulting in a full spectrum functional oil ideal for nighttime use. For some, the combination of CBN and THC can have a groggy effect the next morning. NightNight full spectrum eliminates this issue by decreasing the amount of THC. Try it for yourself, the results will amaze.

Live Terpene 510 Vape Carts
by HWY 59

THC: 86-92%

Terpenes: 4-7%

Leave it to our Winnipeg locals at HWY 59 to give us the terpenes we've always wanted. Their live terpene carts boast elevated levels of live terpenes that come directly from fresh cannabis plants. Harvested three hours of cutting the plant to ensure they capture as many volatile but valuable monoterpenes as possible. These 510 carts offer an amazing full entourage cannabis experience.

Crunch Berri

Crunch Berri
by Tier 1

THC: 27.8%

Available in 3.5 grams

Crunch Berri, also known as Crunch Berry Kush, is a cross between Triple OG and Blueberry. Known for tasting like Cap'n'Crunch Berry cereal, this strain is sure to impress even the most discerning connoisseur. Tier 1 has proven themselves to be a top shelf quality craft cannabis producer, maybe even the best available. This strain is just one example of their exceptional craftsmanship. Expect a rush of uplifting euphoria with slight but pleasant head pressure and tingles throughout the body. Great for relaxation, leaving you feeling light, floaty, lazy and very chill.


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Check out our review of Black Sugar Rose by Color Cannabis.

Black Sugar Rose Color Cannabis

Black Sugar Rose

Strain: Indica-dominant hybrid

Genetics: Critical Mass and Black Domina

THC: 20.61%

Black Sugar Rose is an indica-dominant hybrid with an aroma of musk and freshly cut flowers. Color’s Black Sugar Rose is a cross between cultivars Critical Mass and Black Domina, giving it its unique properties. The dark green buds are densely coated in amber trichomes accented with bright orange pistils and strong THC potency potential. Dominant in beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene, this cannabis flower is earthy and floral with a hint of toasted sugar.