Vape Pen Batteries for 510 Cartridges

With the growing trend of pre-filled THC and CBD 510 thread cartridges, it may be time to research if a simple vape pen battery is the best option for you, versus the whole vape pen package.!

There’s almost as many types of vape pen batteries as there are cartridges themselves, so it can seem pretty daunting.

To break it down, we’ll analyze the following types of device:






Types of Vape Devices

Stylus Pen

The stylist type of vaporizer is the simplest because they’re air operated. That means they don’t have a power button, or any other controls in order to operate. Just attach the cartridge, and inhale.

The design is a simple stick with a 510 thread on one end. Many do offer colour variants for people to personalize.

– Simple to operate
– Very affordable

– Limited temperature options
– Small battery capacity
– Cheaply made.

Flat Micro

The flat micro pen is thicker than the stylist, and a little more complicated to use. This style of battery requires a charge before use, and most have a power/operations button as well.

Though most micro pens will come with a USB charger included, it’s always good to read the fine print before purchase as you may just be buying a replacement battery for an already existing vape package.

– Affordable
– Different temperature settings (in most micro pens)
– USB Charging
– Compact

– Small battery capacity

Variable Voltage

The variable voltage pen is much like the first two in style. They’re long and sleek, sometimes round in shape or sometimes flattened. The big difference however, is these have variable voltage options.

That means that instead of being limited to three or four temperature settings, you’re able to set the voltage to whichever temperature you prefer. This allows for much better personalization, as well as flavor profile for different strains.

– Dial in the best voltage for the type of cartridge that you’re using
– Stronger battery

– Larger and less stealthy
– Not as pocket friendly

Mini Compact

The compact style pens are side by side style. This means the cartridge fits alongside the battery, as opposed to on top. They’re usually charged by USB, and require some sort of magnetic adaptor that will help the cartridge stay in place inside the device.

This style of battery usually work better with larger cartridges, though most will include an adaptor that extends the standard size of cartridges available.

– Very pocket friendly
– Compact and stealthy
– Inset connection protects cartridge

– Requires magnetic adaptor (if one isn’t included)
– Best suited for longer cartridges

Box Mod

The box mod style of vape battery is considered the most complicated, but it’s certainly worth the effort. They have most of the features as the first 4 styles of battery, such as the power button, USB charger, and variable voltage settings.

These batteries are also compatible with a variety of attachments, including sub-ohm tanks.

– Uses both 510 cartridges and sub-ohm tanks
– Provides the most options for power/resistance
– Strongest battery option

– Bigger, less stealthy
– Most expensive