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1 Year Anniversary Party

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1 Year Anniversary Party

“Happy Holidays” at Character Co.

Character Co. Ltd.

Celebrating the store 1 Year Anniversary, featuring Sweet Alibi.


Corydon cannabis shop offers feminine approach to industry.

Winnipeg Free Press

“We love everyone, and to us, anyone can be a character.”

By: Gabrielle Piché
Posted: 7:00 PM CDT Monday, Jul. 4, 2022

Shira Bellan had tired of seeing Homer Simpson and comic book logos stare back at her while she browsed bongs online. She and then-girlfriend Shanda Gagne wondered: where are the sleek, esthetically pleasing goods? “We wanted to find products that would be appealing to women, and we found that that...


New cannabis store in Tuxedo.

Jewish Post

“A whole new meaning to the "High" Holidays”

By: Bernie Bellan
Posted: 2:00 PM CDT 2022

In the 1920s some rich supporters of the Republican Party in the U.S. gained notoriety by running an ad claiming that under the Republican administration of Herbert Hoover there was “a chicken in every pot”. Now that there’s an election on in Canada – I wonder if there's any politician around who would have the courage to promise “a little pot in every chicken” - which was an expression once ascribed to Pierre Trudeau.